Carrier, by Jared Anderson

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
To preach good news to the poor
To bind up the broken-hearted
To make You known even more
So that people living in darkness
Will see the great light

I'll be the carrier of love and compassion
I'll be the carrier of light to the world
I'll be the carrier of hope and salvation
I will go shine Your light to the world

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
Freedom and truth to proclaim
Trade your ashes for the oil of gladness
And your sorrows for garments of praise

Here am I send me, send me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If Only in My Dream…

Last night I had a dream that moved mountains inside my own heart, brought down walls that had been standing for as long as I can remember, and brought me weeping
(literally) to my Father’s feet.

I dreamt that I was visiting an orphanage overseas, the location of which was somewhat unclear, and the purpose of the visit remains a mystery.  While I was doing whatever it was that I was there to do, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a baby girl who should NOT have been there.  She is known around our house as Juliana, or Julie for short, and is an orphan in Taiwan.  But I wasn’t in Taiwan in my dream, I got the impression I was in Eastern Europe somewhere.  So needless to say, I was totally surprised to see her there!  I had not gone there to see her!  I could only hope to see her another time, during another trip, for a much different reason! 

Julie came into our lives a little over a month ago, beckoning us to come for her.  She is one of many children we have longed to adopt, and felt “called” to.  We have spent the last month seeking God’s voice in this, seeking guidance as to whether or not this was in fact the direction we are supposed to take.  Are we supposed to adopt her?  How can we?  Is there a way?  Do we take this step in faith?  I can’t tell you the places He has taken us this past month.  We have felt Him say, “Yes!  Go for her!  It looks impossible, but in Me all things are possible!”  We were led to the passage about Peter walking on water, taking that step out onto a stormy sea in faith that Jesus would keep him from sinking.  We felt the Lord urging us to take this step in faith, knowing that on the outset it looked absolutely impossible, for many reasons!  But when God works a miracle in His people, He is glorified and lifted up.  We are brought closer to Him, into a deeper level of faith.  That is what we “walked” on as we stepped out into the stormy seas of adoption.  But our eyes are turning to the crashing waves around us, and we feel like we are sinking.  Can we really do this?  Should we?  I have guarded my heart, trying so hard not to fall in love with Juliana, but I loved her the minute I saw her. 

Back to my dream…

While I was working on my mysterious task at the orphanage, I kept looking over at her to make sure it really was Julie.  When I was finished, I snuck over to where she was, as visitors were forbidden from entering the baby rooms, and peered into her little espresso colored eyes.  She was in a baby swing with a bottle propped up to her mouth, and was slowly trying to drink some milk.  When I looked at her, she smiled at me from behind the bottle with the sweetest, most inviting smile you have ever seen.  Full of peace, and joy, and pure delight!  I could no longer resist the urge to hold her in my arms, even though I knew I was not supposed to, I just couldn’t help myself!  I took the bottle out of her mouth, opening up an even bigger grin, unbuckled the straps around her, and picked her up in my arms.  I can still feel her, exactly how she felt in my dream.  I was surprised at how big she was…I had expected her to be smaller.  Maybe because all I have are pictures of her as a 5 month old baby, so in my mind’s eye she has been frozen in time.  I was so overjoyed to be holding our baby girl, so filled with surprise and disbelief that I knew I  had to take a picture to show my husband.  As I was fumbling for my phone to take a picture of her, I set her down on the floor to get a better angle.  Instead of sitting like I had anticipated, she stood on her two little legs.  I was amazed!  All of the sudden my “5 month old baby” was standing on her own.  I stepped back in awe, and then she took her very first steps, right there in front of me!  It was unreal!  I scooped her up again, and as I held her she continued to grow and develop right before my very eyes.  Her hair grew a little longer, her clothes changed from footie pajamas, to a red corduroy dress, to a t-shirt.  I kept trying to get my phone to its camera settings to take a picture of the miracle that was happening in front of me, but my hands were shaking and I was too busy relishing in the moment.  We were so in love with each other, and so completely filled with joy…it’s absolutely impossible to put into words. 

Before I could get a picture, I heard the footsteps of one of the orphanage nannies coming toward the room, so I quickly picked Juliana up and got her back in the swing.  All of the sudden she was a baby again, just as I had found her, with that sweet beckoning grin still on her face.  I tried to buckle her in as I fought back tears ~ tears of joy at the wonder I had just witnessed, and tears of heartache as I knew I was about to be taken away from her.  The nanny walked in the room with a look of both scorn and compassion on her face, both at the same time.  My tears could no longer be kept at bay, they started pouring out as I said goodbye to my little Julie, kissed her sweet face, told her that I loved her, and walked out of the room.  As the nanny ushered me down the hall, I remembered that I had forgotten something!  Something huge, something SO important I couldn’t leave without going back.  While she was none too happy, the nanny turned around and led me back to the area where Julie’s room was.  But all the doors had been closed, and it was just a wall of brown wooden doors, one right after another.  They all looked exactly the same.  We couldn’t find her room!  All the doors were locked, and there was no going back.  The nanny took me to the director’s office and explained the situation to him, in a mild effort to get me back to her.  But he said there was no way, I had to leave, :visiting hours” were over.  I pleaded with him desperately, saying “But you don’t understand!  I forgot, I forgot to PRAY with her!  I have to go back!”  He turned around and looked at me, and with a gruff voice said, “Look, we have a little guest room down the hall where you can stay for the night, and maybe tomorrow you can see her.”  Then I woke up…

WHAT?!?!  Seriously?!?!  No more???  After the shock of my abrupt awakening wore off, and I was a little more coherent, the Lord started revealing to me what that dream meant, and why it was that He woke me from my sleep exactly when He did.  He’s taking me deeper ~ deeper into His own heart ~ a place I have come to know as the Womb.  There is so much to say about the Womb, it has been an amazing, ongoing revelation spanning several months, that during another post I will dive further into.   It’s a place where all our needs are met with Love and compassion, by God alone ~ by our Father.  It’s a place of warmth and safety, stillness, where all we hear is the beating of His heart.    A place where we are allowed to see with His eyes, hear with His ears, and love with His heart; where we grow in intimate fellowship with Him.  It’s a place of total trust in Him.  In this dream, God gave me the most amazing gift last night.  He gave me my daughter, to hold in my arms, to watch her grow, to love her, and be filled with that unique joy that only a mother can feel in the presence of her children.  He allowed me see her through His eyes, to feel her and watch her grow in a miraculous way, outside our linear perspective of time.  He allowed me to love her as my own.  And then, He called me back to Himself…to love her as He loves her, to love her as if she were my own, but knowing that in the end she is His, no matter where she is or who she is with.  The same is true for all of us.  We are His.  In my dream, it was when Juliana experienced love and compassion that she began to grow and develop.  But it was not my love and compassion that nurtured her, it was God’s love in me.  His love can reach across oceans, through gates and locked doors, past neglect and abuse, to pierce the darkness around His children and bring them into the Light. 

I have known for some time now that God has called me to love the orphan as if they were my own.  Only now do I have a deeper understanding of what that really means.  He has led me to adoption and orphan ministry, taken me down so many different paths in order to teach me, guide me, sculpt me, prepare me.  I have been undergoing an apprenticeship with the Almighty Master!  My own passion for orphans is but a reflection of His heart, His passion, His nature ~ which He knit into mine before I was even born.  My desire to adopt a child is a reflection of His desire to adopt each of us as His precious sons and daughters.  And at the end of the day, that is the adoption that is eternal.  That adoption can happen anywhere, anytime, regardless of circumstance or law or financial restraints.  Even if an orphan is adopted into a loving home, it still comes down to that child of the world being adopted as a child of God.  Until we know God’s love, we will never grow into the children He created us to be.

My heart’s desire is to walk out a fleshly adoption, to bring a child into our family, nurture them, love them, and usher them into God’s kingdom here on Earth.  I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to do that.  But what God is offering me now is something far more powerful, something eternal, something much closer to His own heart.  To love these children as if they were my own, all of them.  Not just one, or two, or ten!  All of them!  He is telling me to LOVE them as He does, and leave the rest to Him!  Just as I had to lay my Juliana down, He had to sacrifice His only Son so that we might be adopted as His children also.  He had to watch His Son endure immense suffering for the sake of all His children.  And even as His children, He has to watch us in our rebellion and disobedience, our prideful independence as we suffer the consequences of trying to live our lives on our own terms.  He gave us that choice.  He gave us the choice to walk away.  And we did.  We still do. He must love us from a distance.  But He loves us none the less.  And He deeply, deeply desires for us to come back to Him.  For us to come to Him in hunger and humility. 

When we come to know Christ, when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we are often baptized in His name.  If we are born again, we are baptized in the Holy Spirit.  It is that second birth, that cleansing, atoning, fleshly circumcising birth from the Womb of the Holy Spirit, that I am praying for each of these children, that they might have eternal life in the glorious kingdom of God.  No matter what they endure on Earth, they will find love, and compassion, and security with their Father in Heaven.  They are of Him, in Him, and with Him ~ they are saved.

After I woke up from my dream, and turned to my Father in prayer for all “my babies” (as I call my kids), God revealed an awesome vision to me.  I saw Juliana, Zara, and Lilly ~ three orphans in three separate countries around the world ~ with a glowing belt of Light around them (like those donut inner tubes used for flotation).  He spoke so softly to me, telling me, “I have heard your cries.  They are safe.  Darkness has no power over them.  My Light will shine around them, offering them a protection that you never could!  They will be known by My Love.  They are Mine.” 

I have to lay Juliana down, not knowing if I will ever hold her in my arms again, but trust that He is holding her in His arms, now and forever; that in His love she will grow into the child He created her to be! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Davids!!

Today Davids turns 16!!!  Instead of getting a driver's license on this birthday, he received the gift of a family!  Today was the cut-off we were all praying about; he had until today for a family to submit papers to adopt him.  God was SO gracious in answering the prayers of THOUSANDS!  It didn't take until took only 48 hours for God to lead Davids' family to him!  And they were able to sing Happy Birthday to him on the phone this morning, and shower him with love.  What an awesome sixteenth birthday!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Picture worth a thousand words...

"Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Heb. 11:1)

The past week has been a week of praying for things hoped for, believing in things not seen...thousands and thousands of people coming together in FAITH for one little boy. 

Here is the evidence of that which we could not see, and the answer to that which we could only pray for just ten short days ago.  Here is Davids as he learned there is indeed a family coming to bring him home!

That's what FAITH can do!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donations for Davids!!

UPDATE: (1/15/11) Approximately $11,000 has been raised at Project Hopeful, in addition to the $4,000 at Lifesong!!!  Davids' family is SO close to their goal!  Click HERE to visit their new blog!  GOD IS GOOD!!!

UPDATE: (1/13/11)  According to Davids' host mom, over $8,000 has already been raised in Davids' Project Hopeful fund (plus another $4,000 in a separate account at Lifesong.)  If these numbers are correct, that means that approximately $12,000 has already been raised for Davids' adoption!!!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!

Davids' family must raise $16,000-20,000 to complete his adoption, and they have nothing to spare because they were already in the process of adopting another almost 16 year old boy from Latvia as well!  So we still have some work to do to get them over the financial mountain!

The details of this story are just astounding...I am still in awe at what God has done for this boy, and by the response of His children (us, YOU, everyone who has helped to spread the word, PRAY, and raise money!)  We have witnessed something spectacular!!!

To read more about Davids' wonderful family click HERE!  It's an amazing story! 

UPDATE: DAVIDS HAS A FAMILY!!!  Click HERE to read what his host mom just posted!  PRAISE OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN!!!

Hi All!!  I woke up this morning to the news that they are VERY close to securing a family for Davids!!!  YAAAAY!!!!  His host mama posted that the family is very close to committing to this precious boy!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Click HERE to read her posts for the most recent updates!

Also, she said that Project Hopeful has agreed to set up a donations account for Davids.  That means that you can make a tax exempt donation to help raise money to bring him home.  What a blessing it will be for this family to not only welcome a beautiful son into their lives, but also to not have to worry about the enormous financial strain of an international adoption!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

Click HERE to donate funds for Davids' adoption.  (Please write DAVIDS in the comment section so the money goes directly to his account!)  Any and all donations, no matter how big or small, will make an enormous difference in this childs' life!

Thank you ALL for praying and spreading the word about Davids!  It has been AWESOME to watch God move among us!!  We have all been blessed by this boy's story, by his life, and by the mighty power and Love of God that will save him!!!


Keep spreading the word so the funds for Davids' homecoming can be raised!

In Him,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Davids

Here (in blue) is the most recent post from Davids' host mama, Lisa, who has been in contact with potential families for Davids!:

"Keep praying! There is a family I just spoke with who is a possibility and one other as well.  Also, someone has offered to pay the money a family would need in order to file their I800, AND there is already a $1500 grant that came in to help as well. If a family is able to file by the 23, they will then have six months to complete the adoption. Keep those prayers coming!

Even MORE updates! This afternoon I was contacted by phone by a REPORTER from Indiana who is going to write a column about Davids this weekend.

There is a family who has a state homestudy and is working to see if they can complete the necessary requirements to be his forever family.

I am a planner by nature. This is testing that to no end as I "want" so much to plan for the What Ifs. What if he doesn't have a family by the 23... what can I do then. Can he come for a student VISA? Is there a family who would take him in that capacity? Is there a contact I can keep in touch with him through and help him financially to get stabilized? Etc Etc Etc... BUT we are waiting. We are being patient in God to see HIS glory shine through. And He's already bringing so many people together through this. He's raising awareness through this one boy. He's working. And I need to step back and let HIM work..." ~Lisa, Davids' host mom.

Click HERE to visit her blog, and continue to get updates straight from her.

Also, I received an email this afternoon forwarded from Barbara Lorenzo (with Adoption Related Services, Inc.) stating that "so far $3500 is committed toward the foreign and immigration costs.  ARS agency services are free, including Kelly’s casework.  Others are promising to take up collections when a family has come forward.  I have heard that Open Door is also willing to do something for any family that steps up, so the family has choices as to agencies."


Davids, we're praying for you, and doing everything we can to get you home!!  But it is God that will move the mountains, and place you in the loving embrace of your forever family!  He is calling His warriors into action for you, and whispering into the hearts of MANY!  He will not leave you as an orphan!  You are LOVED in a mighty way, sweet boy!   



Monday, January 10, 2011

Davids' Story: URGENT NEED!!!

UPDATE: (1/13/11)  According to Davids' host mom, over $8,000 has already been raised in Davids' Project Hopeful fund (plus another $4,000 in a separate account at Lifesong.)  If these numbers are correct, that means that approximately $12,000 has already been raised for Davids' adoption!!!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!

Davids' family must raise $16,000-20,000 to complete his adoption, and they have nothing to spare because they were already in the process of adopting another almost 16 year old boy from Latvia as well!  So we still have some work to do to get them over the financial mountain!

The details of this story are just astounding...I am still in awe at what God has done for this boy, and by the response of His children (us, YOU, everyone who has helped to spread the word, PRAY, and raise money!)  We have witnessed something spectacular!!!

To read more about Davids' wonderful family click HERE!  It's an amazing story! 

Contacts for more information about Davids:
1)LeAnn Dakake (New Horizons for Children)
   678-313-8321 cell
   dakake (at) mindspring (dot) com
2)Cathy Sawyer (An Open Door Adoption)
3)Barbara L. Lorenzo (Adoption Related Services, Inc.)
   717-227-9560 *They have agreed to help anyone in need of home study updates/reviews*

Earlier today I posted "a plea for a boy in Latvia," and later received more information about his story.  It is heartbreaking, and he is URGENT need of prayer and adoption!!  Please read his story, and PRAY!  Below is the message I received:

"Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors:
I have prayed over the last few days about how to share this story, and I have no words to adequately express it. However, it has to be shared and I will do my best. Many who have heard it are so sick over it, our hearts just ache. We know God has a plan; is it you?

In January, 2010, I met an awesome child/young man at an orphanage in Riga , Latvia . His name is Davids. He was one of a few children we were introduced to that day for consideration in our Summer 2010 orphan hosting program. He was really sharp and smart, had a great sense of humor and looked you in the eye when he tried to speak the good amount of English he had already learned. I remember asking his favorite things to do and he didn’t hesitate to explain he loved kite flying in the sky and dreamed to be a pilot some day! He also enjoys soccer, basketball, swimming and all sports. But, the thing that surprised us most was his age! He was already 15 and effectively the size of a 9 or 10 year old child. We asked the orphanage director more about him later, and were told Davids is healthy, just small and has the kindest, gentlest heart. He generally plays with the younger group of kids because the older ones make fun of him and claim to be “too cool” to hang out with a guy his size. As for history, he has been in 4-5 different orphanages, but has managed to keep hope for a brighter future. He is a sincere and especially child towards younger children. Lego building is one of his hobbies! I remember, he made a joke when I asked him if he liked dogs and cats…a traditional question we ask… He said, “of course! But, I am no cannibal.” And gave us the biggest smile of all! Later, when he was among the group and doing art projects, he drew a picture of a jet airplane landing under a sky that resembled the American flag. When I asked him to explain it, he told me, “My dream to fly airplane and live in family in America !” From that point, he had us at “hello” and we were committed to helping him fulfill his dream.

For the summer program, Davids was hosted by a multi-cultural, multi-racial family and he did awesome! He was kind to his younger host brothers and sister and enjoyed just about everything they did. He especially liked to build and make things and play sports outside, with swimming being one of his favorites! He learned a lot more English and wasn’t shy to use it either. While his host family was not his forever family, our team and staff was so thankful when we received a call from a couple who wanted to go and visit with him before his return to Latvia . We knew time was short, and we encouraged anyone who might be interested, to meet him asap. After one meeting, the family who went, let me know they would be adopting him and how encouraged and inspired they were by Davids. After many discussions, we realized that he needed to know the plan, as his birthday was coming up…his 16th birthday, which means several things to an orphan. First, it means they are about to age out and can’t be considered for adoption. Second, it means that they are on their path of graduating the orphanage and will soon be on their own. Third, it means life as they know it now: food, shelter, protection and security is about over. In the first year after a child leaves the orphanage, generally 15% commit suicide. So, it was decided for me to talk to Davids when our interview returned to Latvia this past August and see how he felt regarding this adoption.

When I sat down with him, I had a translator with me, but he didn’t need her. We sat on a sofa in the social worker’s office and I asked him how he liked America and what he thought? He explained he loved it, and it was more than he ever imagined! I asked him if he remembered this particular man who came to meet him and spent time with him the week before he returned to Latvia , and he said “Oh Yes and we had fun!” I went on and said, “Well, this man told his wife about you and they want me to tell you they are so happy, and they want to adopt you.” Davids’ look was utter shock! He said, “Who, me?” and I confirmed it was indeed him. He said, “Oh yes! VERY VERY much YES! And, they want ME?” He was just the most excited kid I think I ever had the pleasure to tell about an adoption. Most kids are shocked, but usually have to think about it and have several questions to ask before they really accept it and consider it as real. Davids’, on the other hand, was just the happiest kid on the planet that day; his dream was coming true.

Last week, I got an email from  his adoptive family… now just 10 days before his 16th birthday,it basically said they felt that they would adopt a girl they met (which was planned all along), but they no longer wanted to adopt Davids’. They had changed their mind. The next day, I got an unsolicited email from Davids’ social worker in Latvia . This is what she wrote:
"Hello Le Ann,
I wish to ask you about one of our boys, his name is Davids T. He was hosted Summer 2010 at a host family in IL. Since he was close to 16, we got information and you shared with him that there is family who will adopt him. It was not the family who hosted him, but another one.
Till this day we never received more information about the adopting family, and we confirmed that the Ministry also has no information yet. I must share, we are all worried and concerned. Davids became so nervous in this last month, his attention to everything is gone. Yesterday he was moved to hospital, because of problems with his stomach relating to the stress of not knowing. We know this all is because he is so close to his 16th birthday; it's on 23 January this year.
We don’t know what to say and can't say anything to Davids because we don't know. It will be a shock for him if it's not true, he has so long lived with this thoughts focused on this adoption and a family in America .
We wish to know the truth to share so he can know and be happy again.”

We have tried to contact his family and explain, show them, what their decision has done to this child. So far, there is no response, but more importantly, there is no time with only a few days that remain for someone to file the I800 with USCIS to adopt Davids’. I have explained to his social worker what the full situation is, and as a strong Christian, she has agreed to pray earnestly with us for a new family to come forward for this child! The adoption agency who was working on this case has agreed to do everything they can to expedite the adoption and assist where possible to get them through the system.
If you or someone you know is interested in moving NOW to adopt Davids’, this is what needs to happen:
1)You must already have an approved home study issued by a Hague Accredited adoption agency in the USA . It must be able to be amended to show you are approved for at least one child, a boy, who is age 16 or under.
2)You must be willing to file with the USCIS the form I800, which will specify Davids’ as the child you intend to adopt, and it must be received prior to January 23, 2011. If done, this gives the adopting family 180 more days to complete the adoption.

Here are a few photos of Davids’: (the one on bottom is me telling him he was being adopted).

Please join us in immediate prayer and action to locate and identify Davids’ Forever Family!!! You are out there somewhere and God knows exactly who you are and He doesn’t make mistakes. We just need to get the word to you about him."
Le Ann Dakake, Director of Hosting Programs, New Horizons for Children 678-313-8321 cell
Cathy Sawyer, An Open Door Adoption: 404-667-0694

Waiting Children in Taiwan

Below are the bios of several children from Taiwan who are waiting for their forever families to come scoop them up!  But as always, these boys are in need of prayer for comfort, peace, and adoption as sons of our Heavenly Father first and foremost!  I cannot post their pictures, but if you would like more information about them, you can email Stephanie Carpenter with Lifeline Children's Services at  May God bless you infinitely for lifting these boys up to Him in prayer!!

Liu – male – Date of Birth – January 19, 2010
Soon to be 1 year old
This precious little boy is absolutely the most adorable little guy ever. His ethnicity is Aborigine and from the Taroko Tribe. He was born prematurely and had a light body weight. He was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and has a heart murmur and had difficulty breathing. He is now doing well and can breathe normally. He no longer needs medication for his heart either. He also had surgery for the correction of a hernia. In June of 2010 he had a brain scan and it showed normal. This beautiful baby boy needs a family! Please pray for him!

Ma – male- Date of Birth – September 2, 200916 months old
This beautiful little baby boy needs a family to love him. He has had some issues with neonatal abstinence syndrome; epilepsy and microcephaly. He was expected to no longer need any medication for epilepsy in November 2010. Currently he is suspected to have some developmental delay in motor development and will need follow up for auditory and visual functions. He was on a feeding tube for 5 months but that was removed in Feburary of 2010. This little boy is very beautiful and needs his family! Please pray for him!

Yang – male – Date of Birth – July 3, 2010
Just 6 months old!
This precious little baby boy is just 6 months old. He needs a family as soon as possible. This little boy has been listed as Pierre Robin Syndrome, Hepatitis C and withdrawal syndrome. He has some difficulty with swallowing due to the small mandible, retraction of the tongue and cleft palate. He was originally on a feeding tube but after transfer to the orphanage he has been able to drink milk from a bottle that is specialized for cleft palate. When he reaches 10Kg. He can have operation for cleft palate function. He is very adorable and very much needs his family to care for him and love him.

Yuan – male – Date of Birth – January 21, 2008Soon to be 3 years old
This very adorable little boy needs his family. He has some issues of speech and motor delay. His birth mother was unable to care for him and He desperately needs a family. There are many reports and photos. Please pray for this precious little boy to find his family!
Chia- Ching – male – Date of Birth - January 9, 20074 years old (waiting to receive a photo)
This precious little boy is in need of his family. He currently resides in a foster family. He at one time had a period of epilepsy but it has been determined that he no longer has this diagnosis. He has not had a seizure since April of 2007. He has a slight language articulation issue but nothing that is severe. This little boy needs his own family to love him. Many files are available and we will soon have a photo also. 

Chuan (Chase) – male – Date of Birth – May 24, 2004
6 years
This precious little boy is absolutely adorable. He was born prematurely and his mother gave birth in prison and therefore he began his life in prison with his birthmo ther. He was placed into foster care but now resides at the orphanage. He is on medication for epilepsy and has a diagnosis of having been born with cerebral hypoplasia. He also has some mild disability with his lower extremities. This precious child needs a family to love him. If you would like to see photos and have more information please contact Stephanie.

Tseng – male – Date of Birth – May 11, 20028 years
This adorable young boy is in need of a family to love him. He is physically healthy and doing well. He is learning to be more empathetic and patient with others. He will finish his homework upon arriving at the orphanage after school and doesn’t need to be reminded by the caregiver. His relationships with his peers are considered fair and he does take medication to improve his emotions and impulsive behavior. He needs a permanent family to love him so that he can grow and thrive . Please contact Stephanie for more information and many photos.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Help Didzis find his forever family!


Isn't he precious!!

Didzis is here in the U.S. as part of a host program with Project 143, but will be returning to Latvia on January 15!  Here is the description we received about Didzis:

"Didzis is a very giving little boy and wants to please. He looks to follow your example.  He is a fun kid and that brings a lot of excitement. He leaves a positive impression with people – from the store clerks, to the dental office staff, to our family / friends. He is kind and confident; smiling alot.  Didzis has been able to bond with his host family.  He is described as approachable, able to have goofy play, hold hands, likes goodnight tuck-ins, will give hugs unprompted but not excessively, genuine, likes affection, ok being controlled/commands by adults, no rage but has been upset and tends to internalize and walk away/take himself out of situation, kind to the animals, intense, but not mean at all. 

Didzis loves puzzles, coloring, video games and playing with his cars.  He loves crashing cars together, making weapons out of legos a lot, excitable by guns “pistola” “bazooka”, really animated when he sees blasting as in star wars. He can be a little rough in open play situation in terms of cutting in line, take toys away from others--normal behavior for orphan boys.

Didzis will require a family with a lot of energy and ability to structure his play time and study time. His host family feels he would do well w/ a family with no other children or older kids as role models and helpers. Firm is good, but he may shut down if too firm.  He’s a chatter box, always on the go. Sports/organized activity is a must. He seems to really like to play and watch sports.  He’s very active, fidgets a lot, has had a hard time sitting through events like nutcracker and Disney on ice and this type of stuff.   On the other hand, he can sit and focus on a puzzle for 45+ minutes or doing work in an activity book (like tracing letters)."

For more information contact Stephanie Carpenter at , or Tammy Cannon at .

Please join me in prayer for is going to be extremely difficult for him to return to Latvia, so he needs all the prayer support he can get during that transition!  Let's pray that he will feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and that he will find the love of a forever family soon!

There is also a sibling group of 3 here in the U.S. as part of the same Project 143 host program. Contact Stephanie for more information about those precious ones as well.  All I know is that they are a 6 year old boy, and twin 4 yr olds (1 boy, 1 girl).  They need to be adopted together.