Carrier, by Jared Anderson

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
To preach good news to the poor
To bind up the broken-hearted
To make You known even more
So that people living in darkness
Will see the great light

I'll be the carrier of love and compassion
I'll be the carrier of light to the world
I'll be the carrier of hope and salvation
I will go shine Your light to the world

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
Freedom and truth to proclaim
Trade your ashes for the oil of gladness
And your sorrows for garments of praise

Here am I send me, send me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Davids!!

Today Davids turns 16!!!  Instead of getting a driver's license on this birthday, he received the gift of a family!  Today was the cut-off we were all praying about; he had until today for a family to submit papers to adopt him.  God was SO gracious in answering the prayers of THOUSANDS!  It didn't take until took only 48 hours for God to lead Davids' family to him!  And they were able to sing Happy Birthday to him on the phone this morning, and shower him with love.  What an awesome sixteenth birthday!


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